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How Did We Get Here?

Anne & Gary Miller

Twenty five years ago Antoinette, on her sailing voyage around the world, landed in Placencia for a short stay.  Placencia with the beautiful beaches and wonderful people quickly became her dream place to live.  At the time, a young single mother, Placencia was just a dream.

Many years later Gary & Antoinette met where they were working in the Southern Pacific Island Kwajalein, part of the Marshall Islands.  Gary worked as an aerospace engineer and Anne as a 1600 ton ship captain taking people to and from work on neighboring Islands.  Shortly after they were wed and Anne's dream of moving to Belize became Gary's dream as well. 

After many years and many tribulations their dream became a reality and they purchased the piece of property that Miller's Landing now resides.  Unfortunately buying the property does not mean that it's time to relax.  With little funds left it was up to Anne and Gary to get the place built and running.  

After getting enough of the underbrush cleared to setup tents, in which they lived for a year, they began digging trenches to get water and electric and clearing enough land to build the cabanas.  It was always the goal to clear around trees and plants to keep the natural habitat as much in tact as possible.  It is because of this mentality that Miller's Landing is the most beautiful natural resort in Placencia.

Only over time has Miller's Landing become the resort you see today.  And the resort you will see tomorrow will be even better as Anne and Gary continue to add to it.