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After many years of sailing, and many ports aboard a 38’ Ketch (home), Antionette sailed into Placencia in the late 70s. Placencia was perfect.

At the time it was a sleepy fishing village with friendly, interesting people with some pirate ancestry. Travelers to this area in the 70s were truly adventurous types. If you found a bed on land it was a simple mat on the floor of someone’s home, the really good times.

Placencia always remained in her mind, the clear, abundant waters and the land with parts untouched, Maya ruins undiscovered and plant and bird species yet to be identified.

Many years later, Gary & Antoinette met where they were working in the Pacific Island Kwajalein, part of the Marshall Islands. Gary worked as an aerospace engineer and Anne as a 1600 ton ship captain taking people to and from work on neighboring Islands. Shortly after they were wed and Anne’s dream of moving to Belize became Gary’s dream as well.

After many years and many tribulations their dream became a reality and they purchased the property that Miller’s Landing now resides on. Now the real fun began, running new water and power lines along the rugged dirt road which was Placencia. Still at this time, Belize remained fairly unknown, it certainly didn’t suit the mainstream tourist.

Millers Landing is a glimpse of the natural beauty of Placencia, that is rapidly being replaced with large hotels. We are all about the travelers that want to experience that beauty, see the stars at night and walk our nature trail.

A little haven in the midst of a rapidly growing tourist destination.

Miller’s Landing is the best kept secret on the Placencia peninsula.